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Imagine the Web without the ability to jump effortlessly from one place to another, having related information and experiences literally at your fingertips. Surprisingly, that’s the state of online video today.

That’s why we invented the Hypershow! A Hypershow brings Web interactivity to online video experiences, allowing viewers to tap anywhere on the image while the video plays to jump around, explore related information, and much, much more.


'once you try a Hypershow, other online video feels lifeless and dated'




The engine of every Hypershow is a comprehensive dataset that describes the underlying audio/visual presentation. This metadata defines the temporal and spatial relationships of the relevant elements in the frame, their onscreen and offscreen representations, and their temporary and permanent traits. The Object Dataset is created with Hypershow’s patent-pending, metadata creation tool, Objectify.
Objectify establishes a new paradigm for post-production metadata creation – one based on logical Objects rather than time-based tracks of information. This provides a highly graphical and intuitive environment for creating very complex and dense Object Datasets.
  • frame, shot, and sequence-based workflow
  • easy Object creation and assignment of Traits
  • reusable Object library
  • graphical Target creation and manipulation
  • pre-populated metadata library
  • operator assisted Spanning of Targets, metadata, and states
  • import/export of Object Datasets
  • automated shot boundary analysis and review/approval
  • 100% QC



The Hypershow Application Programming Interface enables app developers to easily consume an Object Dataset created with Objectify. When a specified event happens in the client app, the API returns the appropriate data for an Object, allowing the app logic to take appropriate action.

accelerates interactive media app development


full access to all Objects in a dataset


dynamically updateable


versions for iOS, Windows 8.1, Windows Phone, and Xbox 360/One



'Objectify provides a new, intuitive approach for creating Object-Based Interactivity'



A Hypershow enables a whole new world of possibility for media experiences. Figuring out the optimal mix of interactivity for your content can be daunting. Let us plan and develop your next project to ensure it delivers the impact you need. Hypershow Ltd. provides full service app development, component development, and consulting. We’ve helped many of the most recognized names in online content get to market. Let us apply our expert knowledge and track record to your next project.


'No one knows interactive media like we do'

What’s New

Meet Us at Streaming Media East

SME14_VisitAfter being heads down in development for the last two years, the time is finally right for us to show off our wares! We’ll be exhibiting at Streaming Media East at the Midtown Hilton in NYC on May 13th and 14th. Please come visit to learn how you can create engaging, high value Hypershow experiences. We’ll be demonstrating our groundbreaking metadata creation tool Objectify and our Night of the Living Dead Hypershow client app. Click on the tile to receive our exhibitor discount on registration.

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You may have noticed that some of the background images on our site are from the original 1968 classic horror film Night of the Living Dead. Well, what better movie to deliver our first Hypershow-branded app. At least we think so. We’ll be releasing the Night of the Living Dead Hypershow in the coming weeks. It will be packed full of interactivity, including object exploration, games & awards, and e-commerce. Check back soon for more details.

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What's a Hypershow, exactly?

The grand vision of what a Hypershow is encompasses a wide range of scenarios from screen-based experiences to fully immersive physical environments. At it’s core though, a Hypershow is a media experience that allows nonlinear user interaction directly with elements of a linear audio/visual presentation, whereby the interaction somehow changes the user’s experience. A simple example of this non-linear interaction with linear content is the ability for viewers to click or tap on a character or prop on the screen to display information about that element or to jump to a website with more information. A more complex example is the ability for a user to click or tap on an element on screen to navigate non-linearly through the content, for example, to create their own version of the story or to explore tangential storylines or backstory.

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Introducing OBI

Through the process of building the very first Hypershow experiences starting back in 2009 for Microsoft, Paramount Pictures, and other Studios, we learned a lot about the difficulty of creating advanced, non-linear interactivity for linear content. At that time, (and still largely today) rich metadata sets for video were created and exploited primarily for content discovery purposes. That goes for time-based metadata describing elements in a particular frame and even for dialog-to-text.

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'online media is changing fast, let us keep you ahead'



Our Mission

Hypershow Ltd. is committed to helping content publishers create higher value media products;  ones that increase engagement time, encourage repeat usage, and extend revenue lifecycles.  We believe the future is bright for content owners and distributors who embrace online interactive media as a new product category rather than just an ancillary channel for traditional entertainment, educational, or corporate content. A Hypershow represents not only a new category of media product, but a new approach to content creation, from pre-production through distribution.

Our Story

Shortly after joining Microsoft Corporation’s nascent Streaming Media Division in 1999, Harader conceptualized the Hypershow as a natural extension of web interactivity into online video. However, it took the next decade for online technologies, infrastructure and devices, and market conditions to mature to a point where the Hypershow would be feasible. In the meantime, Dan and Tim partnered at Microsoft on many groundbreaking projects and technologies including, the first HD presentation of Windows Media Video, the first pc-based digital cinema network, the implementation of Windows Media Technologies in market-leading post-production toolsets, and encoding tools and ecosystems for HD DVD and Blu-ray. In 2010, after building the Silverlight-based interactive movie product known as Silverlight Enhanced Movies, the two left Microsoft to co-found Hypershow Ltd.




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